Who might enjoy staying here?

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Nature lovers.

Our location on the slopes of Mt. Santubong is the perfect place to spot some of Borneo’s best flora and fauna. The mountain is a national park and offers a variety of marked walking routes, from easy trails to a difficult hike to the summit! If you are lucky you can expect to see the cheeky Macquet monkeys, a variety of snakes, monitor lizards, pangolins and picture plants. If you book a trip on the nearby Wetlands Cruise you may also see Irrawaddy dolphins, fireflies, Proboscis monkeys and crocodiles!


Our unique home offers the space for travellers to relax and take in the beautiful natural surroundings. We love sharing our knowledge about the local area and are happy to discuss where is good to go and how to get there. Some of the best parts of Borneo are off the beaten track! In the evening we often like to get together for a drink or two on our terrace to share stories and get to know all the interesting people that come to stay with us.

Lionel Crooson – Novelist and Travel writer

Lionel has been a guest at Nanga Damai on and off over the past 10 years and enjoys the peaceful surroundings to relax and conduct his work. His book Le Drogman De Borneo was mostly written whilst staying at Nanga Damai. To buy a copy please click the link below.


We love kids, however our house is unsuitable for little ones due to the pool area not being closed off. For this reason we do not accept children under the age of thirteen.